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The Blue Mind Programme

Personal and Professional enhancement is a challenge for individuals and organisations alike, particularly in this new remote world we now find ourselves operating in. At Blue Mind Ireland, we have created bespoke programmes for individuals and teams to Reset, Refresh and Renew, utilising Blue Mind Principles as the medium to start to building a platform for Real Change.

At Blue Mind Ireland we understand the pressures of everyday life and the need for balance and focus to drive productivity, happiness, and wellbeing. Our carefully crafted programs start participants on an exciting journey, developing a set of tools to deal with today’s challenges, which could include managing burn out, becoming more present, making better choices or sound judgments. These programs and this approach work to enhance overall performance and create a work life equilibrium.

Immersed in the tranquil coastal area of Dunmore East, participants will experience an instant reset, refresh, and renew through the practices of Blue Mind. We endorse various modalities of NLP, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, yoga, water, and land-based activities. These experiences allow participants to acquire a wealth of skills which are learned easily and can be applied instantly. Enhancing overall wellbeing and providing a catalyst for real change personally, professionally working individually and/or as a group.

These unique programmes allow participants to absorb the learnings free from the limiting patterns of daily life.   Believing in the art of the possible and simply experiencing these Blue Mind practices act as an instant natural reset for the mind and body, contrasting today's anxious, over-connected and over-stimulated world.


From Sunrise to Sunset, we move you and your people into an instant reset. We will guide participants in activating their ‘’bluemind’ ’through various practises and approaches using the sea and coastline to recalibrate the nervous and neurological systems. This is the beginning of the bluemind journey and from here participants begin to create a foundation for positive wellbeing.   

Please note: We understand that being on the water is not for everyone and so we work to accommodate people’s individual needs. If immersion is not for them, simply sitting at the shoreline and receiving the Reset approach, will deliver the same outcomes for them.


During the refresh phase, participants will begin to build an awareness of the unconscious habits we develop when our bodies and mind experience stress or other scenarios which negatively impact our well-being, daily lives and performance. Participants are guided through a  process of learning to slow down the nervous and neurological systems and gain more control over how we operate and perform in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. We move through this phase also embedding a sense of re-energising into your participants


‘'Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible''


During the Renew phase, we re-invigorate you and your people and provide them with the tools to move back into their personal and professional lives with a new sense of being, a greater understanding of how they operate and perform and more connected and centred to themselves. The practises during this phase will provide a different insight and outlook for people and will allow them to move back into their lives and grow personally and professionally.  We motivate and revitalise the participants   to move back into everyday life to perform to their full potential. 

3 Phases

''Minding the Minds of You and Your People''

Our Bluemind Programme Phases

Bluemind Mindfulness

Bluemind mindfulness has been developed using elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and most importantly the ocean and coastline. We have designed various practises that are blended into our Reset Refresh Renew phases which are delivered in our studio, on and in the ocean, on the beach and along the amazing cliff walk in Dunmore East. The participants will also develop the tools to continue their own mindfulness practise when they move back into their personal and professional lives.

Bluemind Yoga

Bluemind Yoga has been designed to cater for all experience levels from beginners to experienced individuals. Each session has been selected to fit into the Reset Refresh Renew phase of our programme. We deliver our Yoga sessions when possible outdoors either on the cliffs of Dunmore East or the beach and in our purpose built studio overlooking the sea. 

Bluemind Mind Coaching

Bluemind Mind Coaching sessions have been developed using various NLP methodologies and approaches and have specifically been designed for out Refresh and Renew phases of our programme.       

Bluemind Breathwork

Our breathwork activities are a key part to every phase of our programme. One of the most effective tools in managing stress, feeling relaxed, connecting with ourselves and staying centred is by breathing correctly. Our breath has a significant impact on our nervous systems and neurological system.              

Overview of Activities and Practises

Bluemind Water Based Activities

Standup Paddleboarding can be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time depending on the ocean conditions. This activity for some people will push people outside their comfort which in turn will give a real sense of achievement. We also have breathing and mindfulness sessions on the boards. For those who are too nervous of the water, our shore activities are on offer.        ​

Bluemind Land Based Activites

Activities such as sand art and the ancient game of sand boules perfect for de-stressing and connecting to one's self and connecting as a team.      

Bluemind Science Workshop

Bluemind science is the initial workshop participants will complete. This is key to the programme as it an insight into the science behind what we do. We also cover stress, thoughts, perceptions and everyday anxiety and the effect this has on our nervous, neurological and psychological systems.     

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